• Kopox USA is a company name synonymous with the manufacturing the highest quality in battery equipment. We have been at the forefront of the Portable Jump Starter industry from the very beginning and have been leading the path with the foundation of a quality Portable Jump Starter that offers reliability and peace of mind. Over the years, KOPOX product line and technology grew more advanced while listening and applying your suggestions to our products.Kopox Jump Starters are manufactured and designed with a stylish and functional compact unit with extreme reliability, portability and multi-function outputs for your daily and emergency needs.Each battery cell are hand selected/ tested and computer balanced with the highest of tolerance and output before they are assembled into a Kopox Jump Starter unit. Each unit are then assembled with the highest attention in detail and craftsmanship. Our Jump Starters are much more than just a emergency unit for your vehicle. It is a portable power station capable of charging your cellular phones, tablets, and electronics using a USB style output. With Kopox Jump Starters, carry your personal Jump Start Service wherever you travel!